From the Moon: Mapping & Exploration

November 14, 2011 - March 31, 2012

From the Moon: Mapping & Exploration addresses our visual perceptions of the Moon, from Earth and from space, and demonstrates how advances in optical technologies have increased our understanding over time. This is an exhibition exploring our relationship to the Moon through the lens of the sciences. From Galileo’s first observations to today’s powerful telescopes, this exhibition will include a broad range of man’s attempts at mapping and understanding lunar history. A key component will be NASA’s documentation of the Apollo lunar landings as well as current research and missions. The centerpiece of the exhibition will be a Moon rock collected during the Apollo 15 mission from June to August 1971. Tours of the exhibition will be available. The exhibition will be housed at the College of Charleston’s New Science Center Building and at the Special Collections Department of the Marlene and Nathan Addlestone Library, 3rd Floor, 205 Calhoun Street.

Featured on the NASA Lunar Science Institute’s website.

Trip to the Moon from John Reynolds & Lee Donaldson on Vimeo.

From the Moon: Mapping & Exploration

Co-curators Roger Manley and Mark Sloan have traveled throughout North America and Europe gathering materials for the exhibition from some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious observatories. Some of these objects, maps and images have never before been exhibited. The exhibition’s Lunar Science Consultant is Dr. Cassandra Runyon, Professor of Planetary Geology at the College of Charleston. Organized by The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, College of Charleston. Produced by The Halsey Institute and the Northeast Planetary Data Center at Brown University, in cooperation with NASA, the NASA Lunar Science Institute, the Lunar Planetary Institute, Houston, and the School of the Arts, Addlestone Library, and School of Science and Mathematics at the College of Charleston.

Moon Fest’s hands-on educational activities will be led by Dr. Cassandra Runyon; Cyndi Hall, Program Director for the South Carolina Space Grant Consortium; and Elizabeth Joyner, Site Director for the South Carolina Maritime Foundation and Sanders Clyde Elementary/Middle School.

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