exhibitionsThe Halsey Institute hosts between five and seven exhibitions per year, highlighting adventurous contemporary art by emerging and mid-career artists of national stature. All exhibitions are accompanied by extensive educational programming. In addition, the Halsey Institute has maintained a strong international component over the years, bringing in artists from all over the world for residencies, lectures, and exhibitions.

UP NEXT | ERWIN REDL | May 20 – July 9, 2016


The title is a play on the famous phrase “irrational exuberance” used by former Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan, in a speech to the American Enterprise Institute during the Dot-com bubble of the 1990s.


FROM THE ARCHIVES | Oct. 24 - Dec. 5, 2008

Group Show
Mend: Love, Life, & Loss: Group Exhibition

This exhibition explores the paradoxical nature of the idea of mending–be it a human who is sick, a heart that is broken, or a profound grief over a death. The patch is often stronger than the original–hence the paradox. The artists in this show probe the dualities of strength/fragility, hope/despair, joy/grief, pretty/nasty, dainty/brutal, etc. using fiber as the key metaphor. Each of these ten nationally known artists employs the yoking of opposites as an expressive vehicle. The works in the show contain at least some sort of fiber—string, hair, thread, yarn, etc., and clearly demonstrate the enduring strength of the mend.


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