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Geolocation | Art Activity: Captions

Wed Mar 03, 2021

We asked our spring 2021 intern Desmond to complete one of the activities in our Teaching Resource packet created for the Larson Shindelman: Geolocation exhibition. Desmond chose this prompt: “Larson Shindelman create photographs based off of tweets (short captions). For this activity, refer to the photographs in this packet and write your own tweets in 280 characters or less to accompany each. You can also create your own hashtags to accompany the caption and photo.” Scroll through this post to see the captions that Desmond created for the Geolocation pieces. How do the new captions change the way you view the photographs?

Check out the Teaching Resource packet and the other activities by clicking here!


“Grand Theft Auto: IRL #DownWithCapitalism”


“Just 6 more hours left…#MinimumWageSux”


“Yeah just meet me on the intersection of Corporate and Corruption”


“It’s so crowded here!! #ughhh”


“I spy something green… #NoItsNOTTheBush”


“When Harry met Sally circa 1943”


“ummm Mom can you pick me up #Afterschool”


“Its fine just sneak out of the window #Maroon5Concert”


“50 Shades of Scary, Spooky Fog #Grayscale”


“He should’ve taken me to college with him”


“Our small intestines are like a rollercoaster for food” #AnatonyTestToday #sike


“I wonder where’s the witch and the wardrobe”


“Just about to board this cruise #BeJEALOUS”


“Only the sinners come out at night… and so do owls”


“If I’m not back within the next hour, pls send gas money”


“Hey can you take a photo of me here”


“Hey Neighbor, can I borrow a cup of sugar from you”


“I think I left my stove on!??”


“Vacation Bible School was hell for me”


“I need a cuddle buddy #BigSpoon”


“just around the corner”


“thank god, I didn’t peak in highschool”


“take action #ACAB #BLM”


“If you feel safe walking here… you have privileged”


“If your black friends don’t tell you their struggles then, you’re the problem #BLM”


“welcome to White America #AmericaIsRacist”


“Being minority in life is like constantly driving over speed bumps… but worse”


“we’re in deep water…huh”


“Another trans person becomes a victim to violence,#TransLivesMatter”


“Our schools and communities have become wargrounds for the white man #NoMoreGuns #EndPoliceBrutality”


“If All Lives Matter then, why didn’t Black and Brown people get the memo…oh wait because of Racism #BIPOC #BLM”


“Welcome to the colonizer’s playground”


“Another day… another reminder of the back-breaking work I do for a dollar”


“This place reeks of toxic masculinity”



Free For All
GALLERY HOURS (during exhibitions)
Monday - Saturday, 11am – 4pm
Open Thursdays until 7pm

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