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YC 2020 Artist Interview: Lucas Romanova

Mon Apr 13, 2020

above: Lucas Romanova, Transition, 2019. Oil on canvas. Best in Painting award winner.


In April, the interns at the Halsey Institute will be interviewing a small selection of artists included in Young Contemporaries 2020. In this post, Caliyah Parker interviews artist Lucas Romanova.

Visit the virtual exhibition here.

Why did you choose to pursue painting and art in general? Do you have a particular type of style or medium that you prefer to work with? Is there any medium you would be interested in working with that you haven’t gotten the chance to explore yet?

I pursued painting because I actually thought I would be painting in watercolor but alas I found out that we would be painting in oil. I prefer to paint in watercolor and now adding gouache to the painting, but I love painting in oil as well.

Congrats on winning Best in Painting at this year’s exhibition! How does it feel to win such a contested award at this year’s show?

I was not expecting to win the best in painting actually, I just wanted to get in the show and it feels weird to win!

Lucas Romanova, Taking T, 2020. Oil on canvas.

Your paintings in this year’s show tend to deal with themes of gender, transitioning and the body. Why do you think these are important subjects to work with in your art?

I think it is so important to show different representations of people in painting. I wanted to create a sense of representation even if it was just in my community.

How would you describe your process when it comes to making art? Are you more spontaneous with your decisions or do you prefer to plan out your moves ahead of time?

I am very spontaneously deliberate in my art. I have a random thought sketch it out and then I go for it.

What do you want viewers to get out of your paintings? Is there a particular feeling or emotional reaction you want your audience to have when interacting with your work?

I want viewers to get whatever they want out of my paintings, I think as long as they are visually compelling I don’t mind people making their own meaning out of my paintings.

Lucas Romanova, Transitioning Medically, 2020. Oil on canvas.

What are your plans for after graduation? Do you want to make art professionally, working in another creative sector, or use art as a personal outlet?

I want to be a UX designer out of school, but I think I will pursue graphic design first until I have built in more of a professional portfolio for UX design.


– Caliyah Parker, Halsey Institute intern

Free For All
GALLERY HOURS (during exhibitions)
Monday - Saturday, 11am – 4pm
Open Thursdays until 7pm

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