Riccarda de Eccher: Montagna

August 25 - October 7, 2017

Riccarda de Eccher’s sublime watercolors of mountain peaks offers a similar exploration of familiar images. In this case, her works evoke picturesque representations of snow-capped mountains from the Italian Alps. de Eccher’s watercolors offer a subversion of our current age in which the internet images to be vastly and readily shared, especially those that are hi-resolution and digitally retouched. On view concurrently with Marc Trujillo: American Purgatory, her works correlate with Trujillo’s paintings: though titled, her pictures are cropped so that they convey anonymous mountains that could exist on almost any continent. As an Italian native and frequent mountain-climber, de Eccher uses her works to explore humanity’s relationship with mountains throughout history.

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Riccarda de Eccher: Montagna from Halsey Institute on Vimeo.

Riccarda de Eccher

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