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THE LOOKING TO SEE program began in October 2010 to provide a structured guided tour program and educational outreach to the general public with a focus on the Charleston area’s K-12 students, after-school programs, and youth. The Halsey is dedicated to increasing accessibility and community engagement, especially for youth and K-12 students. The program is open to all schools, church groups, clubs, and other interested organizations. In addition to the tours being free, bus parking has been arranged with the Charleston Museum at no charge. Travel subsidies to help defray the cost of a field trip to the Halsey Institute are available to schools/groups that demonstrate an economic or geographic disadvantage. More than 3,500 people have explored the Halsey Institute’s exhibitions with Looking to See tour guides since the program began!

These free guided tours are led by knowledgeable and experienced guides and can be adapted to different time lengths, group sizes, and ages. Lessons within the galleries can be easily customized to follow specific classroom course objectives as the Looking to See tour guides are well versed in exhibition content and eager to collaborate with educators. The exhibitions are rich opportunities for analyzing art, creative thinking development, and gaining new knowledge about world cultures. Tour guides use open dialogue as a memorable way to experience contemporary works of art. They support group conversations about the objects in the exhibition and the ideas and themes the works introduce. Your students will be encouraged to share their thoughts in an atmosphere that challenges them to make connections between the art, outside references, and their own experiences. They will learn from the tour guide, but they will also learn from each other.

The Looking to See program would not be possible without the talent, enthusiasm, and dedication of the Looking to See tour guides. Thank you Tater Beak, Judy Beery, Beverly Campbell, Anne Janas, Mary Osborne, Delores Rosebrock, Mindy Seltzer, Linnie Trettin, Karen Thompson, and Jan Welborn!



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