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    Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston | Thu. Nov. 15, 2012

    By now you all know that Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston is building a structure inspired by Don ZanFagna’s research and artwork. But! Did you know that you can follow their every move through the whole process? it’s true! (mostly) 

    CAC.C students in David Pastre’s Studio V class are keeping a very active blog of their research, design and building procedures. Experience the breakthroughs, the heartbreaks and the elation that accompanies the evolution of Charleston’s very own Pulse Dome! Before you rush over to their blog to catch up on all the excitement, here’s the Pulse Dome we think their design is most reminiscent of —

     Pulse Dome #31


    AND! here are some great sneak peek images from the blog —



    To read all about the Clemson Architecture students’ journey, head over to their blog :: http://www.cacstudiov.com


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