Erica Harris – Brooklyn, NY

Erica Harris lives in Brooklyn, New York. The history, debris, languages, and industries of her metropolis are a huge source of materials and inspiration. Harris teaches art to children, both in New York and internationally. In recent years she has facilitated projects in India, Guatemala, Macedonia, Brazil, El Salvador, Southeast Asia, and Brooklyn. Working in collaboration with communities where English is not spoken has also shaped the content of her work, particularly her relationship to language. She prefers using text—the printed word as a pattern, and often refers to how words and images are interchangeable symbols. While traveling, Harris concentrates on collecting collage material. She frequently incorporates what she sees in the streets, neighborhoods and marketplaces into the narratives of her pieces. Something very mundane and ordinary could be a symbol of safety, shelter, or peace, while simultaneously being a relic of war. It is in this context that she is drawn to the use of simple imagery.

In 2006, Erica Harris’ work was shown in the Halsey Institute’s group exhibition, Penumbra featuring collage artists who utilize found images and combine them in ways that often surprise and illuminate.



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