Each year we offer a new set of limited edition prints available exclusively to our Members. Artists who have been a part of the Halsey Institute’s programming have specially created these prints for us. Beginning at the POSTMODERNIST level ($350), you may choose from one of the prints we have available. We are delighted to unveil our newest additions to the Patron Print Program featured upon the walls of our Hall of Patron Prints located on the first floor of The Marion and Wayland H. Cato Jr. Center for the Arts. Gradually, you can build your art collection while supporting adventurous contemporary art in Charleston!


Hitnes – Rome, Italy

Tom Stanley – Rock Hill, SC

Martha Strawn – High Springs, FL

Fahamu Pecou – Atlanta, GA

Jiha Moon – Atlanta, GA

David Boatwright – Charleston, SC

John McWilliams – McClellanville, SC

Kathleen Robbins – Columbia, SC

Ruth Marten – NY, NY

Renée Stout – Washington, DC

Rimma Gerlovina and Valeriy Gerlovin – New York, NY

Don ZanFagna – Mount Pleasant, SC

Joseph Burwell – Brooklyn, NY

Pinky Bass – Fairhope, AL

Motoi Yamamoto – Kanazawa, Japan

Hamid Rahmanian – Brooklyn, NY

Eames Demetrios – Los Angeles, CA

Geoffrey Cormier – James Island, SC with Michelle Van Parys, Charleston SC

Leslie Wayne – New York City, NY

Phyllis Galembo – New York City, NY

Erica Harris – Brooklyn, NY

Nancy Marshall – McClellanville, SC

Kendall Messick – New York

John McWilliams – McClellanville, SC

Heather McClintock – Boone, NC

Colin Quashie – Charleston, SC

Community Partners 2017