With help from generous friends like you, the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art fuels imaginations through our innovative exhibitions and educational programs. Your donation allows us to originate and present exhibitions of the highest caliber and develop creative, enriching programs, excellent publications and short artist documentaries to accompany them.



Support contemporary art in Charleston by becoming a Member of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. Our Members’ support is vital to the continued development of the Institute and our programming. Your support broadens the scope of our activities and makes possible a high quality, stimulating schedule of exhibitions each year and keeps admission free. As a Member you will receive all of our mailings, e-newsletter, invitations to special events, as well as the variety of stratified perks listed below. Your contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

For more information on the Halsey Institute Membership Program, please contact Tatjana Beylotte at or 843-953-5652.

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No Monet $15 (Student Membership)

For the discerning College of Charleston student whose taste outstrips their budget. Includes all the benefits of a Minimalist at half the price. Students from other institutions are eligible for $20.


Minimalist $40

Like Agnes Martin you know how to say a lot with a little.

Individual Membership benefits include: 
→ Receive invitations to special members-only tours of each exhibition led by the curator.
→ Receive an invitation to our MOON Membership Celebration each fall.
→ Receive our bi-weekly e-newsletter.
→ Receive invitations to all Halsey Institute events.
→ 20% discount on Halsey Institute publications
→ 15% discount at Artizom Frame Gallery and  Rick Rhodes Photography & Imaging
→ 10% discount at Artist & Craftsman Supply


Modernist $60 (Dual Membership)

Like Piet Mondrian, you have faith in the purity and power of art and show it with your support.

All Minimalist Membership benefits, plus: 
→ An additional membership for another person at the same address.


Futurist $125

Like Umberto Boccioni, you can visualize the future and are quick to give liberally in support of it.

Modernists Membership Benefits, plus: 
→ A complimentary Halsey Institute publication of your choice.-
→ reciprocal membership at 840+ museums around the country through the North American Reciprocal Membership Association



Postmodernist $350

Qualifies you for patron print program
Thinking ahead, but living now, you consider this option to be the most appropriate after critically evaluating all the other options. We know a traditional response on our part would not suffice either, so at this level you select one print from the Patron Print Program.

Futurists Membership Benefits, plus: 
→ Choose a Patron Print from our selection of nationally acclaimed artists.
→ Receive invitations to Meet the Maker, quarterly receptions and discussions with the purpose of providing an intimate environment in which artists discuss the process of their work, from inspiration to finished piece.
→ Receive invitations to exclusive events where you can meet the artists, speak with the curator and more.
→10% discount at Worthwhile.


Conceptualist $500

Like Sol LeWitt, you like to make dreams manifest.

Postmodernists Membership Benefits, plus: 
→ Receive invitations to exhibition preview parties.
→ Receive an invitation to our Spring Patron Celebration.


Utopian Society $1,000

Qualifies you for patron print program

 Like Paolo Soleri, you are not content with your castles in the sky.

Conceptualists Membership Benefits, plus: 
→ Acknowledgement in the Halsey fall season program. 
→ An Honorary Visionary membership with the Friends of the School of the Arts. 

    – Invitation to fall member renewal party  
    – Invitation to SOTA holiday reception
    – Invitations to Simons Guild Luncheons – Special performances and presentations by students and faculty
    – Receive the College of Charleston Magazine
    – Invitations to all SOTA-hosted Piccolo Spoleto Festival receptions
    – Invitation to dinner at the Dean’s home with the School’s faculty and special guests


SUGAR DADA (or mama) $2,500

As with Duchamp, money is no object (it’s ART!) Your love of HICA’s brand of challenging and adventurous contemporary art is an all-consuming passion. What HICA provides nourishes your soul in ways difficult to articulate, yet impossible to ignore.

Utopian Membership benefits, plus: 
→ Our eternal gratitude for your foresight and generosity
→ Receive an invitation to a special reception held in your honor.


LUMINIST $5,000 +

If, like Albert Bierstadt, your inner glow can no longer be contained in two dimensions, this category allows for expansive brushstrokes.

Sugar Dada Membership benefits, plus: 
→ Receive recognition as a sponsor of an exhibition of your choice in collaboration with the director.
→ Invitation to an intimate dinner with an exhibiting artist, Halsey Institute staff, and other Luminists!


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