John McWilliams – McClellanville, SC

john mcwilliamsJohn McWilliams was born in 1941 and currently resides in McClellanville. He received his the B.F.A. and M.F.A. from Rhode Island School of Design and is Professor/Director Emeritus of Georgia State University School of Art and Design. McWilliams has received numerous awards, including the Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship and the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in photography.

In 1988, McWilliams published Land of Deepest Shade: Photographs of the South with the Aperture Foundation and the High Museum. He continues to work as a photographer but primarily his work is in relief printmaking and drawing.

McWilliams has been making woodcuts for about fifteen years. He comments, “I am drawn to them because the cut in wood has the expressive potential of a drawn line. A woodcut can be printed many times, compiled in a book, distributed easily and even left in unsuspected places to be discovered. At its best a woodcut is a distillation of an idea controlling the page that it sits on, an enigma.” He is able to work everyday from idea to idea, letting one lead to the next. When a theme emerges McWilliams is eager to put a group of prints into a cohesive form. McWilliams says, “My work centers me and puzzles me which sounds like a contradiction. It makes me feel alive.”



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