Jon Coffelt

Jon Coffelt is a full-time artist living and working in downtown Manhattan. He uses many objectives and mediums to make his art including appropriation, illustration, sewing, book arts, collage, painting and sculpture. As a post-modernist, Coffelt considers himself a colorist who works primarily with ideas of chaos and order. Coffelt’s works have been shown internationally, including exhibitions in Kyoto, Barcelona, Montreal, and London.

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People have strong memories associated with certain clothes. They keep them for a reason. I’m taking a memory and making it more precious to them. I stand back in this process and let people tell me their stories. Their stories are just as important to them as mine are to me. This work is experiential in its very nature. I produce miniature clothes as an intimate homage to acquaintances, and friends.

Each surrendered garment becomes a miniature portrait of the individual it represents. All are hand-sewn. I use as much of the original seams and hems to keep as much of the integrity of the original as I possibly can. These pieces become precious in a way that may not have been previously conveyed. Through miniaturization, the originals are transformed in a way that lends a positive experience to the person who surrenders the garment, keeping intact the memory of each piece while allowing the viewer to explore the reasons and ideas of transitions in time and place.

Community Partners 2017