Jumaadi: forgive me not to miss you not

Oct 18 – Dec 6, 2014

Jumaadi is an Indonesian artist, currently dividing his time between Australia and the Netherlands. He works in multiple media with equal fluency – painting, drawing, sculpture, installations, and shadow puppets. He is our fall 2014 International Artist-in-Residence and will be creating a new body of work during his two-month residency. He will also be working on a special project with the students of the Academic Magnet High School here in Charleston to create an evening of shadow-puppet theater to be presented at their school.

Jumaadi’s paintings and drawings have an otherworldly feeling about them, as if the figures and landscapes are from a barely remembered dream. Many of his figures seem to be carrying burdens of some sort, a metaphor for the human condition. Jumaadi’s imagination is full of poetic wanderings that manifest through his various media.  

Jumaadi has exhibited extensively in Australia, Indonesia, Asia, and Europe, but this will be his first exhibition in the United States. He was recently selected to participate in the Moscow Biennale in Russia.

His residency and exhibition are supported in part by the Quattlebaum Endowement and the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation. Special thanks to our media partners Garden & Gun and Charleston Magazine.

Produced and Directed by John Reynolds
Original Score: Ian David Rosenbaum
Executive Producer: Mark Sloan

Jumaadi worked with locally-based artists and musicians to write, create, compose, and perform a new shadow puppet performance.

Performance written by Jumaadi
Puppets performed by Arlene Felipe and Jumaadi

Geoffrey Cormier: Composition, percussion, voice, gamelan
James Carrier: Recorder, gemshorn, percussion, voice
Hazel Kethcum: Vocals
Special thanks to Walter Crocker and Bette Mueller-Romer and Riki Matsuda.

Camera: Brooks Quinn, Knox Smith, Tim Fennell, JJ Corbett
Produced by Brooks Quinn




As quick as the night leaves the mountain range
I am smoke turning into the morning fog
And you are the wood turning into embers
Some day we will meet again on the mountain

I descend and turn into the rain
While you will turn into the branches
And perhaps the leaves of the cypress?
As the mist and the grass
We will embrace once more
– Jumaadi

This is a December 2014 performance of “Paper Plane People” by the Academic Magnet High School’s Paper Plane People Shadow Puppet Troupe. This shadow puppet performance was inspired by the puppet masters Jumaadi and Geoffrey Cormier, who assisted the students throughout the time they spent creating the show. The students in creative writing and visual art spent time with the artists and learned about their creative processes, and also took a field trip to see Jumaadi’s work at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. Every story, puppet, and sound was created by the students.

This video was created in the Halsey Institute galleries during Jumaadi’s two month residency.  Local musician Livy Conner performs her original song, Bloodline, from her album Mind of Your Own, with shadow puppets by Jumaadi, performed by Riki Matsuda and Jumaadi.  The video was shot and edited by Justin Nathanson of The Cut Company.

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