Francesca Pastine

Francesca Pastine creates beautiful sculptural interventions using Artforum magazines as her medium—familiar fixtures in many galleries and artists’ homes. Starting with the covers, she cuts, bends, manipulates, pulls, and digs her way through, revealing a visceral topography of art trends.

Foregoing any use of glue, wires, or staples, she lets each arrangement stand on its own. Her X-Acto blade mimics a pencil, but she subtracts rather than adds. Her carvings form colorful sculptural pieces that seem to melt down the wall as each page folds onto itself. Pastine attaches the work to wood panels and covers them with a Plexiglas box, enshrining the magazine as a cultural relic.

The finished work becomes an unsolicited collaboration with the magazine and the cover artist. By recontextualizing and subverting the content, Pastine has inserted herself into the larger global narrative. The arts and culture publication Artforum may be used to comment on the world of museums and galleries, but now it is elevated into a work of art itself. When featured on gallery walls, Artforum becomes the subject of criticism and adoration instead of being merely a commentator.

To learn more about Francesca Pastine, please visit www.bearclaw.rexx.com/~fpastine/.


Francesca Pastine

Born: New York, New York. Lives/works: San Francisco, California

Pastine received a BFA, in 1993, and a MFA, in 1996, from the San Francisco Art Institute. She was the recipient of a Pollock Krasner Grant, in 2009, and a Kala Fellowship, in 2011. Her work has been shown at galleries, art spaces, and collections nationally and internationally. Most recently, she had a solo exhibition at Pentimenti Gallery, in Philadelphia, and at Eleanor Harwood Gallery, in San Francisco. Upcoming exhibitions include The Book Under Pressure: The Allan Chasanoff Bookwork Collection, curated by Jock Reynolds for the Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut; 10 Years: Artist’s Book Biennale, curated by Luc Brévart, Arras, France; and Considering the Kylix: Contemporary Interpretations of a Classical Form, curated by Brienne Rosner, Peter’s Valley Art Gallery, Layton, New Jersey.

Pastine’s work is represented by Eleanor Harwood Gallery, in San Francisco. She has taught at the San Francisco Art Institute, California College of the Arts, City College of San Francisco, and Diablo Valley Community College.

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