Faculty Spotlight 2008
Faculty Spotlight: Installations by Loul Samater and Jarod Charzewski

Sept. 5 - Oct. 10, 2008

Loul Samater and Jarod Charzewski are visiting instructors in the Studio Art Department at the College of Charleston. Both artists will create large scale installations made from discarded materials creating environments that evoke the questions about our use of space and the physical debris we accumulate or refuse.


Loul Samater
Faculty Spotlight: Installations by Loul Samater and Jarod Charzewski

Artist Statement

My images/objects are derived from memories I have of growing up outside of America. While some of my memories have been altered and some others have been left intact, and I use these in my work to evoke contradictory emotions and intense feelings ranging from celebration to panic.

I often choose materials that connote parties: balloons, glitter, etc. Taking these materials out of their usual context creates a tension where the viewer does not know if the party is yet to begin or has already ended. To the viewer it seems time has stopped or drained from the situation. The viewer becomes the only person in the scene, and even they aren’t a so much a participant as an unwilling spectator.

Jarod Charzewski

Artist Statement

My art examines landscapes and people, man-made structures among nature, the sometimes static, often fluid perceptions that rise from dual environments. I harness childhood sensibilities: sights and smells, sounds, memories, feelings of rural surroundings and urban streets. I fuel my art with visuals of seasons, Prairie landscapes and recreate aesthetics that investigate mankind’s evolving influence. Artistically I try to capture the essence of mist in the Carmanah Valley rainforest, the dust of Alberta’s Badlands, and in turn release an ephemeral sensation of site-specific experiences.

Space motivates my concept. The visual characteristics of bridges and railroad tracks, tunnels, urban communities at large, cast against the strength of natural landscapes, reflect the relationship between viewer and the work. I enhance this relationship through accessible installations, monuments to nature, to man, to our cohabitation. The art reveals the mystery of individual perceptions and develops a platform where ideas gain scope. The art conducts experiments. It approaches common occurrences, heeds disparate interests, and injects personal stance. I express these experiments through multi-media sculpture. I use interpretation. I use light, acoustics, and kinetic energy.

Everything needs space. My work reflects nature’s response to man, and mankind’s impact on landscapes. The result is a lens through which to see our world.

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