Doug Beube

Doug Beube looks at the book like an inter-connecting block of wood. The codex, which, in Latin, literally means wooden block, is undeviating in its essential form and undeniably limited in its capacity to store and generate information. Theoretically and physically, he excavates the book, as if the text block itself is an archaeological site.

Beube uncovers internal layers and exploits the inflexibility of the codex. By altering the book’s inevitable course, we are forced to read non-linearly. When Beube interacts with books, sometimes their words are readable, sometimes their shapes are recognizable, but in every case they are transformed into sculpture. Through the use of various power tools, the pages and text of the altered book are reconfigured into abstract forms.

Beube’s work resembles the nonlinear way we now absorb information. He applies quasi software functions, such as cutting, pasting, and creating hyperlinks onto an analog system. With the guts of the exposed book, the texts are suddenly contrasting, skipping randomly from page to page, moving from one set of ideas to another. His bookworks are no more arbitrary and partial than much of the literature that Beube selects, which promises to deliver the essence of contemporary existence in a relatively small sum of words and pictures.

To learn more about Doug Beube, please visit www.dougbeube.com.



Doug Beube

Born: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Lives/works: Brooklyn, New York

Doug Beube received a MFA in photography from the Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, New York, and a BFA in film from York University, Toronto, Ontario. In addition to being a mixed-media artist, he is an independent curator, and the curator of a private collection for Allan Chasanoff, in New York. Entitled The Book Under Pressure, it employs the book for purposes other than its utilitarian form. Beube teaches classes in mixed media, artists’ books, and photography, and is invited to lecture at universities and art programs throughout the year. He teaches in the photography department at Parsons The New School for Design, and is a graduate advisor at the School of Visual Arts, New York. He exhibits both nationally and internationally, and his bookworks and photographs are in numerous private and public collections, including the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, New York; Museum of Modern Art, New York; New York Public Library, Byrd Collection; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota; National Library of Canada, Special Collections, Ottawa, Ontario; and the Black Eagle Apothecary Museum–Istvan Kiraly Museum, Budapest, Hungary.

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